Design museum Gent

Behind a charming 18th-century façade lurks a modern, airy building. The central eye-catcher is the enormously tall vase by the Italian designer Andrea Branzi. Temporary expositions supplement the marvellous permanent collection. Also, take a look at the striking toilet wing, even if you don’t need to pay a visit.

Jan Breydelstraat 5 9000 Gent

The House of Alijn

When you enter the splendid indoor garden of this former place of worship, it seems as if you have left the city. Inside the museum of folklore, you can go even further back in time and discover in the wonderfully recreated interiors how the ordinary people used to live. Old films from the private collections of the inhabitants of Ghent throw an intimate and surprising light on a time and a city which have forever disappeared. Nostalgia arranged in a highly contemporary way.

Kraanlei 65 9000 Gent

Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen

The interiors of the Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen appeal enormously to the imagination. The most attractive rooms include the Chinese Salon and reconstruction of the study of Ghent’s Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Maurice Maeterlinck.

Veldstraat 82 9000 Gent

Museum Dr Guislain

A museum in Belgium’s oldest psychiatric hospital, built in 1857: you’d be crazy not to pay it a visit. In this wonderful oasis you will find a permanent collection that illustrates the history of psychiatry and an international collection of outsider art or art brut. The temporary exhibitions are also always worth visiting.

Jozef Guislainstraat 43 9000 Gent

Museaum Sisters of Love

For more information, visit this site :
The congregation Sisters of Love was founded in 1803 in Lovendegem by priest J.P. Triest. It was active in the field of psychiatry, handicapped welfare, child welfare. They also ran hospices for the incurably ill, hospitals and old people’s homes. Since the end of the 19th century, missionaries moved to Congo, Ceylon and India. The congregation now forms an international group, with around 1300 sisters, spread all over the world. The museum elucidates the genesis and the cultural-historical legacy of the congregation.
Individual visitors can enter the museum on Friday between 9 and 16 o’clock.
Group visits are always by appointment.

Molenaarsstraat 28 9000 Gent

City Museum Ghent

The STAM, the Museum of the City of Ghent, will rise on the site of the Bijloke Complex. The past, present and future of the city will be presented clearly and enthrallingly so that the STAM becomes the place to start a cultural voyage of discovery in Ghent.

Ghent has something from every period of history and that also applies to the infrastructure of the STAM: the 14th-century abbey, the 17th-century monastery and the new 21st-century development will together form the City Museum that opens in 2010. 

Bijlokesite Godshuizenlaan 2 9000 Gent

Museum of Fine Arts

The strength and the charm of the MSK is the variety of its collection and the way it is presented: never before have the old masters hung so perfectly in place as they do in the fully restored museum. An auditorium, a library, a children’s workshop and a café-restaurant make it into a modern, multifunctional complex where you can spend many happy hours surrounded by things of beauty.

Charles de Kerchovelaan 187A 9000 Gent

Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art (S.M.A.K.)

Dynamic and highly individual. That’s Ghent and it also describes its museum of contemporary art. The permanent collection of top national and international works is presented in continuous interaction with original, often daring exhibitions. Keeping a finger on the pulse. But sometimes it’s salt on the wound too. You can gradually recover from these many impressions in the museum café.

Citadelpark 9000 Gent

MIAT (Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textiles)

In the Middle Ages, Ghent cloth was known far beyond the national borders. The city remained an important textile centre with an industrial face until the 19th century. The Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textiles (MIAT) is housed in an old cotton mill and gives a unique picture of the radical technological changes which our society has undergone over the last 250 years. From the upper floor of this light and airy building you can enjoy a wonderful view across the city.

Minnemeers 9 9000 Gent