Privacy statement

Part 1: We should protect your privacy together.

Your privacy matters to us. We’d like to process your personal information in a legal, correct and transparent manner. In this privacy statement we’ll explain what personal information about you, as a natural person, we’ll collect and process. Throughout this statement, the information we mention, is information on you as a customer, a potential customer or a concerned party (e.g. beneficiary, contact, company etc.). In whatever likelihood, your rights remain the same and hotel Cathedral will process your information in a careful manner.

1.1. Make sure to read this statement thoroughly and check what you can do.

We advise you to read this statement carefully so that you’re well aware of what hotel Cathedral uses your personal information for. You’ll also read more on privacy rights and how to exercise those.

Hotel Cathedral might update this privacy statement. The most recent version will always be available on If any important change in terms of content happens, hotel Cathedral will notify its customers through the website. For more information on the privacy law in Belgium in general, you can go to, the website of the Belgian information protection authority (formerly known as privacy commission).

1.2. Contact hotel Cathedral in case of any questions on the processing of your information.

If you have questions on privacy, would like to change your privacy settings or exercise your rights, you can reach us by email on

Part 2 You are entitled to your privacy

When your information is processed, you’re entitled to several rights. When hotel Cathedral asks you for permission to process, you can revoke that permission at any time e.g. newsletters with promotional offers.

2.1. You can look into your information.

If you’d like to look into the information hotel Cathedral has about you, let us know.

If you exercise this right, hotel Cathedral will provide an oversight of your information as long as they are being kept. They can’t be shown after that. They’ll be deleted from the files according to standard deletion processes.

2.2. You can have your information corrected.

It’s possible some of the information hotel Cathedral has about you is no(t) (longer) correct. You can always ask us to correct or complete it e.g. in case of a new address.

2.3. You can have your information removed.

If you suspect hotel Cathedral processes information about you unrightfully, you can ask to have them removed.

2.4. You can resist certain processing of information.

If you disagree with the way on which hotel Cathedral processes certain information, based on its justified importance, you can resist. We will answer your resist unless there’s urgent reasons not to e.g. when trying to prevent fraud.

2.5. In some cases you can resist your information being processes automatically.

Some information processing happens fully automatically, without human intervention. Hotel Cathedral tries to use the logic of this process as to e.g. process reservations even faster. If you don’t agree with the result of this automatic process, you can contact hotel Cathedral. You can for example ask for the intervention of one of the employees or let us know why you contest the results.

2.6. You can exercise your rights.

Always try to be as specific as possible when exercising your rights . This way, hotel Cathedral can answer your questions in a correct and concrete way. Hotel Cathedral will, however, need to verify your identity as thoroughly as possible to make sure someone else isn’t exercising your rights. Therefor, hotel Cathedral can ask for a copy of your passport. If you have a complaint considering the exercising of your rights, hotel Cathedral’s complaint’s management will help you.

Part 3: Hotel Cathedral has several reasons for processing your information.

3.1. Hotel Cathedral has to answer to legal obligations.

We’ll sum up the most important legal obligations as to why hotel Cathedral needs to process your information.

Hotels are obliged to keep a police file of all customers.

Hotel Cathedral can process your information because you use its services and/or you provide it when you fill out the contact form on the website. Hotel Cathedral can process the following information:

-Your first and last name
-Your address information
-Your telephone number
-Your e-mail address
-Your credit card information

In order to meet police regulations we have to, for example, assemble information on clients or companies.

3.2. Why hotel Cathedral needs your information

Hotel Cathedral processes your information in order to be able to contact you by phone to give you information and/or reach you in a written way (through mail or text message) when it’s impossible to reach you by phone. Furthermore, hotel Cathedral can use your information to notify you of important information necessary for check-in at the hotel.

3.3. How long does hotel Cathedral keep your information

Hotel Cathedral will keep your information for no longer than necessary to accomplish the goals for which it is used. The information will be kept for no longer than 3 months after the day of your check-out in case if no agreeance with you says otherwise.

3.4. Sharing with others

Hotel Cathedral will only provide your information to third parties when necessary for the execution of an agreeance with you or to meet legal obligation e.g. when requested by the police.

3.5. Visiting the website

On the website of hotel Cathedral, general visitor’s information is kept as to enable the customer to visit our hotel and city without any problem.

3.6. Cookie policy.

What are cookies?

We us cookies when you open our e-mails and/or when you use or visit our website. Cookies are little bits of information that are kept on your own mobile device and are often used to enhance the user comfort of websites and apps.

There’s several types of cookies, subdivided based on origin, function and life span. For a complete oversight you can visit websites like

Hotel Cathedral uses cookies to:

-Enhance the use and functionality of its website and apps

-Analyze how users use our website and apps and to construct statistics.

-Provide our users with personalized information and  advertisements when using our website and apps 

This, for example, will help to identify you when visiting our site, making it possible for us to enhance the user friendliness and improve your experience on the site, adapting to your needs and preferences. Cookies can also be used to personalize the content or publicity of a website. This way, one user will e.g. be presented with a certain entertainment package, while another might not be.

Cookies can only be placed by hotel Cathedral.

What type of cookies do we use?

-Necessary cookies: these cookies make sure you’re able to navigate through our website and apps and use the functionalities (e.g. shopping cart and privacy settings).

Part 4: On security and confidentiality

4.1 Hotel Cathedral won’t just answer to third party questions

The duty of reserve will be complied to. Because hotel Cathedral needs to comply to its duty of reserve and privacy regulation, it can only answer to third party questions when these are based on a legal provision necessary for the execution of the agreeance, or with permission of those involves. In case of the latter, hotel Cathedral advises to solicit the involved themselves for the information.

Hotel Cathedral is not responsible when the legitimate recipients of information, conforming to the legal obligations (abroad), have to present information on customers or legal persons to local authorities or deal with them in an unsafe way.

4.2. Complaints, unsubscribing from newsletters or deleting personal information

For complaints concerning the procession of personal information, unsubscribing from newsletters or the deleting of your personal information, all requests must happen through a motivated e-mail to