Concert Charlotte De Witte

For visitors to the Charlotte De Witte concert on April 16, 2022, we offer a late check-out free of charge. Advantages: Free check-out until 1 pm​ 10% discount on the room rate​ Free bottle of water in the room

Ghent Floralies My Paradise, a worldly garden. From April 29 to May 8, 2022

Cities have less and less space for greenery in the city. Floralies 2022 will provide a counter-image for 10 days with a dynamic, green and thriving environment realized by the local and international horticulture sector. There are also workshops, pop-ups, green and concept rooms. At Floralies 2022 you will see the latest developments in […]

Pop Art – From Warhol to Panamarenko: From the Matthys-Colle & SMAK Collection

Pop art appeals to everyone's imagination. Artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Panamarenko are contemporary World Heritage Sites. With a balanced selection of works from American and European pop art, SMAK portrays an art movement that is more topical than ever. Some 40 masterpieces guide you through a key period in post-war art history. The exhibition will […]

Ghent Film Festival

The Film Fest Gent is a permanent fixture in the Flemish and international cultural landscape. This is thanks to strong, recurring formulas: dozens of quality films, film music concerts by top composers and extraordinary exhibitions on the edge of cinema. Film Fest Gent pop-up cinemas at Ghent merchants PuurGent and Film Fest Gent bring film to the city. […]


OdeGand is a music festival on and along Ghent's inland waterways. Sail from one concert to the next and discover all musical genres: from flamenco to jazz to classical. With one ticket you can use the boats all day long and experience numerous concerts. In the evening you can enjoy a breathtaking musical […]

Ghent Holidayland

Quirky Ghent breathes history and offers you a culture cocktail filled to the brim. In July and August we give away two overnight stays and a surprise package every two weeks. Discover this week's competition question and take your chance! competition rules Promotion conditions Ghent Holidayland 1: Ghent, city of art and culture Nic Balthazar is in love with Ghent […]